Bottle with hazardous waste thrown on the ground

Prohibited Waste Items

How do You Define Hazardous Waste? Hazardous waste are materials that pose a substantial  threat to the environment, wildlife and public health due to their hazardous properties such as being toxic, flammable, radioactive, or corrosive.   Due to the environmental threat posed by these materials, hazardous waste disposal is kept strictly separated from the municipal solid […]

broken bricks

Heavy Debris Disposal

Clear out Broken Concrete, Bricks & Shingles What is Heavy Debris? If you are tearing up a driveway, fixing a leaky concrete foundation, renovating your shingled roof or removing dirt from your property, the resulting debris is extremely compact when placed in a dumpster resulting in a much heavier load than normal debris, hence the […]

wheelbarrow with yard waste, shovel and rake

Yard Waste Disposal

SERVICES Prohibited Waste Items Heavy Debris Disposal Yard Waste Disposal Construction Debris Removal Household Trash Cleanup YARD WASTE CITIES WE SERVE Los Angeles

Row of garbage bins with construction debris on sidewalk

Construction Debris Removal

Remove Construction Debris From Building Sites What is Construction/Demolition Debris? Construction debris includes any materials that were used to build a home or property and became permanently affixed to the structure . This debris is generated when building, renovating, repairing or demolishing a property or structure. It does not include hazardous items, garbage or asbestos. […]

cardboard boxes with household trash

Household Trash Cleanup

De-Clutter Your Home & Enjoy More Space What is General Household Trash? General Household trash (or Municipal Solid waste) are typically any non fixed materials placed inside a home AFTER the house was built. Domestic trash consists of everyday items such as: Old furniture Used clothing Toys Bottles Small appliances Desks Chairs Tables Special Household […]