What Is A Roll-Off Dumpster And Why Do I Need It?

A roll-off -dumpster is a temporary waste disposal bin (as opposed to permanent bins found at commercial and industrial locations) placed at your property for a set period of time to easily collect unwanted waste such as household junk, yard waste and construction/demolition debris. It easily rolls on and off a delivery truck for easy delivery and pick up, hence the name. After you fill the roll off dumpster with your unwanted items, we haul the dumpster’s contents to a landfill or recycling station for proper disposal. A roll-off dumpster is essential when de-cluttering or remodeling your home.

Where Should I Set Up My Dumpster?

A dumpster should be placed on a hard surface such as your concrete or asphalt driveway. Never place the dumpster on soft surfaces or grass since the heavy weight will cause the dumpster to sink and cause damage to your property. In some cases, a dumpster may be placed on the street provided a city permit is obtained. The truck driver needs easy access to your property for delivery and backing in to your driveway with no items blocking the path. A min clear height of 15′ is required, so any overhanging telephone or electrical wires should provide enough clearance.

How Fast Can I Get A Container?

Provided we have available containers, your container will be delivered within 24 hours after placing an order. If you have a specific delivery day in mind, please call us several days before to guarantee availability.

Do I Need To Be Present When You Deliver Or Pick Up My Dumpster?

It is preferred, but not necessary. If you will not be present, please provide our dispatcher with any special instructions so he can pass it along to the driver. Our professional drivers will pick the safest accessible spot to place the dumpster. However, if you have a specific location in mind, please place a marker, sign or several 3X8′ wooden boards to ensure the dumpster is placed in the correct location.

Can You Pick Up My Container The Same Day It Was Dropped Off?

If you do not want the dumpster to sit in your driveway and can finish loading the dumpster in the same day, please arrange an early morning delivery and we will pick up the container in the afternoon at a scheduled time.

Do I Need To Schedule A Pick Up Once My Dumpster Is Full?

Yes. Once your container is full, please contact us for pick up. Please allow a 24 hour time frame for our crew to come to your property. In some instances, if we have a driver available, we can pick up your dumpster on the same day.

How Do I Determine The Right Size Dumpster For My Needs?

Please contact our expert staff and discuss your project in detail so we can assess the amount of debris you need disposed of and advise on the correct size dumpster for your needs. Since each dumpster has a weight limit, we will strive to save you money by selecting the most appropriate size and tonnage to match your project.

What Kinds Of Materials Are Not Allowed In My Dumpster?

Waste disposal is heavily regulated by the local, state, and federal authorities. You cannot place hazardous waste or highly flammable materials that pose a danger to the environment such as asbestos, paint, chemicals, oil, tires, car batteries, medical wastes, refrigerants, propane tanks or fluorescent light bulbs. When in doubt, consult our staff and we’ll let you know if we can accept a certain material.

Click here for a complete list of prohibited items


How Long Can I Keep The Container?

Depending on your service area, you can keep the dumpster for 3-7 days for a flat rate. However, if you need the bin longer, please call us to extend your rental. You can then pay based on a per-day basis until you call for pickup.

How Much Will A DisposaBin Cost?

We offer very competitive pricing based on a flat fee structure. However, the final dumpster rental cost will be affected by several factors:

Dumpster size – larger sizes cost more.

Rental period – If you need to extend the rental period beyond the initial time interval, a per day charge will apply until you call for pickup.

Excess weight – Each dumpster costs a flat rate up to a certain tonnage. However, if the contents in the dumpster exceed the ton cap, extra charges will apply. Heavy materials such as dirt, concrete, shingles or tile may lead to excess weight, while bins filled with home clear outs such as large furniture, and regular construction debris tend not to weigh as much.

How Do I Pay For My Roll-Off Dumpster?

Payments can be made prior to delivery by phone using your credit card or on site by cash, credit card or cheque.